Vehicle Type: Car

Description: Paravintage-3 resembles a vintage taxi. Taxi's exterior is completely normal, containing a windshield, side windows, as well as a rear window. However no such windows are visible when trying to view the car's interior.

The interior of the taxi consists of a tumorous fleshy growth. Inside the car are the usual features, steering wheel, gas and brake, and seats. Upon further examination, these features are actually constructed out of biological matter, bone, muscle tissue, flesh, and other features found in the human body.

To date, the vehicle has been responsible for the disappearances of 3 scientists. Before these disappearances, there was no features found in a normal vehicle. However, at the very moment these disappearances occurred, these mechanics have now came into existance. This suggests that the vehicle is able to create new "Parts" out of living humans, the whole vehicle even possesses a human's DNA. The converting effects of the taxi on humans has also been observed to be the same with animals.

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