Object Type: Paper

Description: A piece of old printing paper stained with coffee and red wine. The corners of the paper are torn and appear burned, and the paper also appears crumpled up. Every now and then, various symbols would appear on the paper, seemingly forming writing.

The symbols (Paravintage-1-A) are indecipherable to even the greatest minds, and the writing itself appears to be written in what looks like human blood, however there is nothing biological about it. The symbols themselves also emit a smell of ketchup, this has led many to believe that it's what the symbols were written with. hen viewed by another individual, the symbols would erase themselves and new writing will form.

The paper was discovered in 1896 by a man named Valdez Xhifica in Giza-Egypt. It was then brought to Bibliotheca Alexandrina located in the second largest city and metropolitan area in Egypt named Alexandrina on the same year in an attempt to decode the symbols that appeared on the paper. All attempts to decode the writing has proved fruitless.

To this day, no person has ever been able to decode the symbols.

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