Object Type: Candle
81Z7nM7fIkL. SL1500 -1-

Paravintage-2 in it's normal state.

Description: Appears as an empty, embossed vintage design blue glass candle holder. When coming into contact with human hands, the candle holder will begin to fill itself with a substance identical to that of wax. The wax is bioluminescent, emitting an ocean blue light. Shortly after the candle holder has filled, candle wicks will begin to emerge from the wax and form flames.

The candle's anomalous properties begin to manifest when an individual proceeds to blow out the candle. Shortly after the candle's flames have been blown out, the person will be stalked by a humanoid creature.

Humanoid Description: Skeletally thin appearance, grey and severely wrinkled skin, grossly enlarged mouth with no teeth, pupiless eyes, abnormally large hands and claws, abnormally tall body structure, no nose, nor nostrils are visible, no body hair, sharp spines on back.

Shortly after an individual has blown out the candle, the will begin to experience extreme anxiety for 24 hours. After 24 hours has passed, they will begin to catch glimpses of the creature that manifests within the candle when blinking, opening doors, windows, looking into mirrors, turning their heads, or even in their dreams. At first, they will rarely catch any glimpses of the creature, but every 48 hours, they will begin to see the creature more and more frequently, followed by the creature becoming more aggressive and agitated. After a certain point, they will eventually begin to catch glimpses of the creature every 5 seconds.

This stalking behavior inevitably results in extreme sleep deprivation, those able to fall asleep have reported either having severe night terrors or being physically beaten by the creature. Many victims have only been able to go for as long as 336 hours (2 weeks) before finally being driven to insanity. 6/10 victims have chosen to commit suicide, while the rest of the 4% have been caught and killed by the creature. Such instances include: A 32 year old woman found decapitated in a forest, a 21 year old man disemboweled in a bathroom, and 2 individuals, man and woman horribly mutilated in a basement.

Despite the fact that the person affected by the candle can see the monster, it has also been reported that unaffected individuals report that they cannot see the monster, suggesting that the monster is invisible to those who have not blown out the candle.

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